How do you do?


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S W France
Hi Bill, good evening France!
How's weather over there?
We're getting warmer. From - to + C temp.

cold - cold and cold - although as you say it will get warmer at the end of the week

we drove back from the UK on Monday and our place in the "middle of nowhere" in the French countryside is cut off - the local (small) "d" roads are covered in snow and ice and it's hilly were we live - we have a small 4 x 4 and it took 1 hour to do the last 3 kilometres - we just managed to get to the house - but it was so dangerous, (according to my wife), that we turned around and came to Bordeaux - we have the "mod cons" - (modern conveniences - central heating), here so all is well ............ but I'm dreading possible "burst pipes" when we go back as it has been around minus 10 at night for the last 10 days