Pentax How do you like your K-r?


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Well I'm loving mine.

Here's a few while testing my new lens - the Pentax FA 31mm f1.8. It is truly a match made in heaven. Can't believe I waited so long for this lens.


What's your beef? by stillshunter, on Flickr

....and folks carried on about the bokeh. Really not sure what the fuss is about. Here's one wide open. :dance:

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Sleeping Lilac by stillshunter, on Flickr

Many more to come from me I fear. :blush:

....but, please, share yours!
Wonderful, Mark! Gosh the quality is fantastic! Love your first one and can't wait to see many, many more. Gosh, I really think these are really, really nice - great light and color...and that background in your second is like a painting!!
Thanks BB, thanks Olli.

This lens has really reignited my passion to get out....which is quite compelling considering the bitter cold winds we're suffering of late.
Hi Kyte and thank you so much for the kind compliment.

I have really warmed to the little K-r. Feels just right in my hand. Yep, it's an entry-level camera, but it has everything I had on the K20D except the larger VF and weather-sealing...but makes up for it with a far better sensor, faster AF, quicker fps,higher ISO performance, etc. I am now getting used to the buttons and don't find myself plunging into the menu too often.
Anyone looking at a compact dSLR, I cannot recommend this little Pentax highly enough.
Body aside...

I will pretext what I next say with a confession that I am a bit 'tight' when it comes to parting with money for gear...well, since I'm confessing and am going to have some trouble getting back up off my knees, then...I'm hesitant with parting with my money for most things really :blush: So to spend what one must to get an FA Ltd lens was a very difficult thing for me. But now that I have it, I am so glad I did. I have spent the last three years approximating it with older MF (about 11 lenses on last count) and even similar modern glass. But, without hesitation, I can say there is nothing else like it. Don't get me wrong the DA35/2.8 macro is a beautiful lens, but the FA31 just has a little something more. Considering the price, the question is: Is it three times "a little something more"? Well we'll see.....but I'm starting to think it just might be....even if it gets me out shooting twice as much!
I need to learn more about this camera and this lens that you were so smitten with that you opened that tightly closed wallet of yours.;) I'm so glad you're so happy, Mark!
K-r + DA15mm

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Just thought I would throw in a couple I shot before I jumped to the K-5. The K-r and 15mm are a good match.