Pentax How do you like your Pentax K-5? And please show us some of your photos!

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High ISO with the K-5

The first is with the 43mm lens indoors at ISO2500. By the way, I have high ISO noise reduction turned off.

This second is with a really cool Pentax 10-17mm Fisheye lens. The camera is just inches from the feeder. ISO3200, 1/1000 sec. at f8.


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Cool tunnel - is this in an aquarium? No...looks as though it's a zoo - any penguins swimming around in there, maybe?:biggrin:

Great color tones you all - don't know if it is due to the camera or your pping, but I like it!


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Aquarium at Moody Gardens, Galveston, Texas. Same place that I got to meet Marley the penguin! The auto WB was way off on this photo. I had to tweak colors in LR. Also had to increase exposure a little.


wow great to have more people using the k-5 :D

I've put my foot down and decided I've been inactive (due to job hunting) long enough, so I'm going to sort out editing some photos, uploas and post some k-5 shots ASAP

in the mean time there are some new-ish (as in I havent shared on the forums yet) photos in my photostream if anyone's interested, though I think armando's seen them)

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