Ricoh How do you like your Ricoh GXR?

I know we have some Ricoh folks out there. I'm becoming more and more interested in this camera and it's different lens modules. I'm writing from a very self centered place because if my Fuji dreams don't pan out, I may find myself looking for another camera and the GXR might well be it.

I'd love to hear/read what you love about your Ricoh and what you don't - and please don't feel you have to give it a technical review - just use your own style.
I've only had mine for a couple of weeks or so but I can give you my first impressions. It is SOLID without feeling heavy. The screen is great and it's got as many buttons and controls as you could wish for. These are customisable and you can set up the camera as you wish. I only have the A12 50mm macro module for now but I've seen some terrific pics from the A12 28mm module too. The 50mm module lens is tiny and much smaller than the pictures had led me to believe. It appears to be sharp as mustard all over :) I'm loving the colour that the GXR produces. My fair skinned/red headed daughter looks natural in portraits and not overly pink! I can't see a ton of difference between the RAW (DNG) output and the jpeg. The black and white jpeg is very nice indeed.

Today it's been announced that there will be an M mount module in the Autumn so things are getting interesting :cool:

No complaints so far, I love it! The weather in the UK has been pretty much grey all over for the last couple of weeks and I haven't been able to get outside to test it much. I've seen a couple of patches of sunshine and rushed outside to take a few pics but really, pickings are slim! Will post some more when I'm able to get some decent ones outside again :)
Sounds very nice, Christina! Can you tell me how the image files compare to the X1's? Do you find that you have tons of "room" or range between the highlights and shadows, if you know what I mean? This was one of the most seductive things, for me, about the Leica X1.
I've been a long time GXR shooter. You can view my Flickr and photography blog for samples. I simply love it, both using it and the pictures I get with it. Lately, I have returned to the 50mm A12 macro after a hiatus and fell immediately back in love. I'm sure you've heard that they announced an m-mount module. That will be very interesting. Some rangefinder shooters have been curious about the GXR and this is an easy entry for them. I still have one m-mount lens and I plan to buy that module.

At any rate, Ricoh is small and niche, but very high quality. They have consistently been my favorite cameras. They produce outstanding B&W conversions with lots of latitude for PP.

Wylie, I briefly tried the X1 and except for the focal length there was virtually no difference in IQ. The GXR is not as small and light, but it is more durable and the EVF is a must have option that the X1 does not have.

All of my comments here apply to the A12 units. I would not bother with any of the small sensor units.
GXR Test pics






Last one is out of camera jpeg.
Will, I'm not a pixel peeper so I don't worry about large images. But I'm not sure why you are seeing that size. Most should be 1000 pixels on the longest end.
Andrew I was looking at you flickr pages. But now I see the ones you've posted on this thread and they are stunning!
I've been agonizing over which camera to get next and these images help to make it even more difficult.
Will, those posted here are Christilou's (AKA Christina's) and they are stunning.

Andrew, I knew you were into the camera and hoped you'd chime in.:D
Wylie, I briefly tried the X1 and except for the focal length there was virtually no difference in IQ. The GXR is not as small and light, but it is more durable and the EVF is a must have option that the X1 does not have.
It is sounding better and better. Now I have to spend more time reading about the camera...the A12 size, in particular.

P.S. Andrew's photos come out in pretty large size via my viewing: which is also one of my favorites.;)
It was my son's 5th birthday this past weekend and I'm still recovering... In fact, we had 4 parties this weekend (not all his). Tis the birthday season!
All three of mine were 17 today. They can all learn to drive now so I'd advise caution if you use the roads around Cambridge!
Herman has just started a thread here which, naturally, has brought up some discussions about Ricoh's camera. You all may want to post over there, I don't know. However, Andy AKA Ghosthunter wrote
The good thing about the GXR is that the IQ seems to be as good as the Leica X1 and you have the option to change between a few focal lengths plus you still have the option of attaching Leica/Zeiss/Voigtlander glass via the new LM module that's due. Seems a great value for money camera.
which seems to counter some folks' views about whether or not the interchangeable lens and sensor idea is a good one or not.

This camera, especially with the 28mm from my point of view, seems pretty enticing. I can't remember if anyone here has the 28mm, or not.... Generally, I'm interested in hearing what you Ricoh people think about the concept of this camera. Clearly you thought it was a good one, or you wouldn't have bought one or more... Anymore thoughts on the plusses of this camera and its options?
I love mine but you guys already know that. I love the way the Ricohs allow me to work. I love the results I get from the GXR/A12 units, particularly B&W conversions. The EVF is the best one that I have tried. But personally each focal length, the 50mm and 28mm, is its own camera. I don't switch units; just not feasible when switching back and forth on photo walks. I plan to buy the m-mount unit when it comes out, and the next unit is rumored to be an APS-C zoom, which would be fantastic.

And thank you BBW, I will check out that post now.

Ironically, per the topic in that post, I was putting some of my film work in binders last night and relishing those pictures (and prints). Got me thinking... don't go there Andrew :rolleyes:
Thanks, Andrew. The more I read about this, the more I look at your photos, Christina's and other people's photos...the more I think that if the "Mt. Fuji" doesn't work out for me that I will look into this camera with the 28mm lens. I guess I should read about that upcoming lens...while I'm waiting for my X100.;)

Regarding your film work... Do you still develop and print your own stuff?