Ricoh How do you like your Ricoh GXR?

Armanius, both the 28 and the 50 are APC sensors. The designations 28 and 50 are the crop factor because Ricoh has chosen to label them that way. In other words, the 28mm is literally 18.3 and the 50mm is literally 33mm.
GXR 50mm

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Oh dear this really isn't fair I have been musing about the GXR particularly with the 50mm macro lens and then Christine you post that beautiful leaf, I feel another camera joining my stable!
Must sell X1 first.....
Hi Pennyann, it's expensive! That said, I use mine a lot and it's my "go to" camera. I'd like to buy the 28mm module but as you say, expensive. I found that I needed the viewfinder in bright light and was lucky enough to be able to buy it at B & H in New York on my recent trip at a much cheaper price that I would've paid here in the UK. I need to sell my X1 and my Fuji X100 and I still have a K5 body to sell as I bought the Silver Limited version in the end. The rot has definitely set it :)
Believe me Christine 'the rot' set in along time ago re: camera's for me!
I notice both the 50mm macro and the 28mm lens are designated A12 slightly confusing when searching on Flickr.
It also seems to me that Ricoh have been much quicker than Sony (Nex) in bring out lenses particularly Macro the later has a 30mm macro due out very soon (but just when?)
again at what price.
The M-mount module was recently shown as a non-working demo in a camera show. You can find a clip about it on Youtube. The GXR is still sitting in my bag as my currently most used camera, I am embarrassed to admit. Embarrassed because as much as I love my M9, the GXR's smaller size and convenience make it a very enjoyable camera. The image quality is right up there with DSLR's and the files can take a lot of punishment in postprocessing.

The GXR files might not have super high resolution; they are the same as the GRD III. But the dynamic range and colours that come out of this camera are stunning. Its speed and reliability has even made me put the Sigma DP cameras away for a while.
Hello Ricoh GXR folks. Have any of you fine photographers that use this camera, any experience with the smaller 1.1.7" S10 24-72mm lens module. And to those who had this lens what are your thoughts about IQ as compared to the Canon G12/ Oly XZ-1 which have similar size sensors.

Looking for the smaller form factor this lens provides for traveling lighter and smaller.
Thanks in advance for your replies.
Having seen lots of sample images, I have to say that while the S10 module looks good as lower ISO's, the G12 and XZ-1 are much better as the ISO's go higher. I was considering this module myself until I saw that the GRD III does much better at higher ISO's than the S10 module, even though they use the same sensor. The XZ-1 also has the advantage of a faster lens, meaning that you can use lower ISO's to achieve the same shutter speeds in darker conditions.

Of course, it depends on what you find acceptable. I'm a stickler for IQ so my choices are heavily influenced by it. I shoot a lot in ambient light and hardly ever use flash if I can help it, so a fast lens and good high ISO quality is important to me.