Samsung How do you like your Samsung NX10?

Samsung NX10 on location


While not quite approaching the Leica X1 in terms of image quality, this first opportunity to use the Samsung NX10 for a prolonged period over several days, proved just what a useful little camera this is. Once again the kit zooms proved their quality. They really are very good. I really can't think of any other comparable lenses we have used that betters them. Considering the package price for the camera + 18-55 and 50-200mm lenses this is remarkable value.




The NX10 system is closer to a conventional DSLR outfit in terms of size and weight than micro four thirds for example, but is still smaller and lighter. I prefer the NX10 over m4/3 in terms of handling, colour, dynamic range and overall image quality. Having previously been somewhat suspicious of Samsung as a brand, due to previous experience, its been a genuinely pleasant surprise using this camera. It is a little gem, with its ease of use and quality results.
I got the NX10 few weeks ago and this camera surprised me positivity...

Good ergonomics, easy to use and right size.
The saturation and tone colors are good and how I prefer shot in JPEG (sometimes in RAW, very uncommon for me) that perfect for me.

The kit 18-55mm has a very good boken and sharp, the OIS doesn´t look too effective like my old Sony a700 and its IS on body.

Here some samples, all of them in JPEG, Vivid style, A-mode, AF, ISO 200-400 and only crop in PS CS3.




Alex, these are terrific. The first one, especially - great catch light, beard on full display - really well done. Lovely quality to the bokeh as well.
I tried the NX10 over the weekend and I'm not sure about it. True it is better in some ways than m4/3 with better dynamic range, more detail, better ISO performance. It is comfortable to hold, seems easy to use, has a pleasing heft to it. But high ISO performance was not good (blotchy noise patterns), colors seem hard to manage (they are indeed intense by default!), and the lack of in-body IS was a problem at times (I guess I've grown used to it on my Olympus cameras). The Ricoh and Olympus JPGs and RAW files are both more pleasing and easier to work with. I was able to open the NX10 RAW files in LR3, but perhaps it does not have a profile yet. The NX10 seems to be good for B&W work and that was good to learn for my work. But I'm just not sure that it is the camera I am looking for.

The Ricoh GXR/A12 has become my gold standard serious compact and it's simply hard to be (except that it is currently limited to 50mms). And after a long hiatus I also shot with my Olympus E30 this weekend and was reminded why I liked it so much. Bigger and heavier, yes, but still easy to hold and carry. More and more to me it comes down to lens quality and the Ricoh A12 is phenomenal and the Olympus 12-60mm is stellar.

I will be curious to see what comes after the NX10. It's a good camera to be sure, but may not be for me just yet. But I'll be keeping an eye on where it's going.
Toonman, welcome to SC! If you have the time, it would be great if you could share a few of your photos with the NX10 with us here. I enjoy reading about other people's cameras, as well as hearing why they like them and seeing why, too. I guess that's one reason why many of us come to sites like this one.:popcorm2::)
I bought one of the first NX10's to arrive in the Uk. Overall I am very pleased with it but, despite my writing about it here, I'm not at all sure I would describe it as a compact (serious or otherwise) camera. It's just smaller than the DSLR's it emulates. Still IQ is very good in my opinion
. I do feel Samsung are rather dragging their heels a bit over releasing further lenses though.
Ray, I've been playing with the NX10, and it's very compact with the 30mm f/2 lens. Smaller than a Panasonic G2 with 20mm f/1.7 and much closer to the size of an E-P2 with 20/1.7 than it is to the size of a small DSLR with typical "normal" prime lens mounted. Hopefully Samsung will have some more lenses for us to see at Photokina.
Those are fantastic photos. Very inspiring. I only got my NX10 last week and have loved playing with it. I got a good deal on a twin lens kit and the third lens was half price so couldn't resist. It just feels so great in my hands and its low light performance is fantastic. So easy to use and great for someone going beyond p&s for the first time since my teenage film camera days. Unfortunately there's only pigeons and squirrels in the park here! Not much colour in those ;-)