"How do you protect your hardware?"


The Image Stimulator
The Netherlands
I'm taking pictures with a naked camera.
Now I start thinking of a protector for the G1.
Don't know about availability.

Is your great little toy protected ?
Which protector can be used ?

Comments welcome, thanks.

Kind regards, Herman


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Two of my compacts have silicone skins: the Casio EX-Z750 and the Fuji F30. The Casio's skin is decent, but the Fuji's is excellent. Both are third party cases, and were bought from eBay sellers. Both came with screen protectors as well, which was great. The Fuji's screen protector was a thick piece of plastic which is held in place by a lip built into the silicone skin. The whole set protects the camera nicely against light knocks and makes it much easier to hold and grip. For some odd reason, I can even hold the Fuji more steadily when it is in the skin.