Fuji How do you update firmware on X100?

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I have had a scoot round the net but can not find any info on how you actually update the firmware on the X100. Can someone tell me or point me to a good site/video as I want to update my firmware.

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The instructions are on the Fuji site... have you been to download? You can't actually get it until you've read through screeds of instruction on how to. What I usually do, rather than use their application to load the file to an SD card, is do it myself.
a) format your sd card in camera
b) insert card into card reader
c) transfer the .DAT file to the root of the SD card. and install

Firmware for FinePix X100 | Fujifilm Global

Once you agree to the terms of use, you are taken to the next page which gives full instructions for how to check what you have, and how to do the update itself.


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Andy, I can't think that it would matter. However you could wait to hear from someone else, if you'd like. I haven't updated mine yet, I don't think.

One thing to remember is to write down your settings before you update it!

Check out this https://www.photographerslounge.org/f86/x100-firmware-1-11-update-posted-4545/index2.html#post43766
Hmmm, only three changes (the vast majority of items listed on the update page were from the last upgrade to version 1.1 - the BIG one a few months ago). The only new fix I care about at ALL is improved AF at close distances, but I don't care about that all that much for the way I use this camera. I'll probably get around to it, but it doesn't feel like a priority. I'm just not aching to go through and write down all of the various settings I have cranked into the camera so I can make sure I get them right again after the update. Probably more important for me as a jpeg shooter with this camera than some others.

But it should be very easy to do. I'd bypass all of the Mac and PC updating software and just do it through the camera. Just download the FPUPDATE.DAT file and then copy that file onto a blank, freshly formatted SD card. Make sure your battery is pretty fully charged so it doesn't crap out mid-update - THAT would be bad! Put the card in the camera. Turn on the camera while holding down the "disp/back" button. Then just follow the prompts that come up on the screen. Pretty simple process.

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I'm just waiting for the battery to charge then I'll give it a go. eeek!

I'm on 1.13. All i care about is faster AF. If i have had that in 1.13 then I won't bother.

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