Fuji How does a Fuji X10 (and X20) REALLY compare with a m43 camera?


Sep 10, 2012
Thanks for all the replies.
I was searching a small camera with great IQ...and to my eyes any pen, even with kit lens, is better than a x10.
There is more dinamic range and everything is more natural.
One thing didn't convince me about the little black fuji: looking on the internet, there was samples that were amazing and other that looked worse than my 40€ canon compact.
Looks to me like there are some difference in production? Or is it a camera difficult to master?
The same holds true for any camera ! I've seen lousy D800 samples. The X10 is not difficult to master at all, once you learn to sort thru the (too numerous) various modes. Keep it simple (A, P, scene modes or Advanced with Pro Focus for soft background portraits) and you're all set. For instance I very often shoot my NEX 7 in all Manual mode, but don't feel ashamed to use the X10 on "Snow" mode at the mountain and it works just fine ! It's more compact than a M4/3 body with lens, has better range, better colors, and is overall must pleasurable to hold.

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I consider myself a compact camera hater, but the X10 has won my heart.

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