How does your weather forecast look like ?


The Image Stimulator
Jul 11, 2010
The Netherlands
Temperature is raising up to 15C next coming days. Wow! Nature showed me this morning that we are moving forward to summer.
I'm born for summertime. To live life to it's fullest. Terraces waiting for me, bicycling, walking, sitting down on our backyard terraces, bbq, doing nothing at all, getting a sun tan, watching motorsports, etc.
Oh, I forgot eating and wining.
And maybe go for a run with a motor, brrrmm.


Apr 26, 2011
A Leekist in York, UK
In Yorkshire they say, "Ne'er cast a clout, till May is out".

In France, they have a similar saying - "En Avril, ne te découvre pas d'un fil; en Mai, fais ce qui te plaît".

In Spain, it's "Hasta el cuarenta de Mayo, no te quites el sayo".

In other words, "It's gonna snow, before you know".

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