Ricoh How have you configured your "My Settings" options?


The three "My Settings" options on the wonderful GXR are presenting me with an embarrassment of riches and I hardly know what to do with them!

So I'd love to know what any of the rest of you are using.

At the moment, the only thoughts I've had are to use them to quickly vary the Snap focus settings while leaving any other parameters constant: 1 or 1.5 meters for setting #1; 3 or 5 meters for #2, the middle one; and Infinity for #3. That could give me

1 meter for small children playing on the floor,

(or 1.5 meters = 4 1/2 feet, which I believe to be the closest distortion free distance for portraits,)

3 (or 5) meters for small groups and intimate landscapes, and the remaining

5 (or 3) meters set to toggle with spot focusing via the left hand control wheel button.

Does this seem workable and/or what alternatives have you found valuable?

Thanks and cheers,



P ISO100, SNAP 5m, Multi AF, Standard colour, Fn1 AEB, Fn2 White balance, EV -0.7

MY1 ISO400, SNAP 5m, Multi AF, BW, EV -0.3

MY2 All the same but ISO800 and EV-0.7

MY3 ISO100, SNAP 2.5m, Multi AF, Square format, Vivid colour

SCENE ISO100, SNAP 2.5m, Multi AF, EV-0.7, HiBW