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Antonio Correia

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Antonio Correia
A quick and modest description - perhaps a clumsy one - of my procedure when making stacked photographs. I do like the final result of most of the time. I always try to avoid a harsh HDR which I am not very found of.
Comments welcome. Thank you for your attention.

A - Settings in camera
My camera is so far, an Olympus 5 Mark II and I use this process mainly with the 7-14 (14-28mm FF) which for this purpose, I find a convenient choice.
The camera is set to Continuous Photo and the Exposure Bracketing set to 3, 5 or even 7 photographs depending on the scene.
I have tried once the ISO Bracketing along the Exposure Bracketing, but I have to try again. Hope to write about it later on.

B - Hand held photographs
I photograph most of the time without tripod. I hold my breath and try not to move while making the stacking. I am not very worried about a small movement in the scene or of myself.
As an example here are 5 photographs taken in RAW and with only one adjustment in LR

C - Exposure bracketing in Light Room
After importing the files in LR, I choose Control+H and let the program do it's job.

D - Final image
The 5 files are stacked. (on the right, the final one previously posted and at the left the new one)

E - Developing photograph
Now in the Develop mode, LR returns me a photographed automatically adjusted.

F - Time to play
Now it is time to play until I like the image.

G - Done

António Correia
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"I've become very picky. Most of my outings these days do not yield satisfactory photographs because what used to be satisfactory to me in the past no longer is. I make much fewer images today than I have in previous times, and I expect this trend to continue. Progress in art is not about becoming more prolific; it's about becoming more demanding." - Guy Tal

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