Sony How is Auto ISO implemented on the NEX bodies?


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My favorite implementation of Auto ISO to date is that on the Nikon bodies. In aperture priority mode, you simply choose a minimum shutter speed and a maximum ISO, and the auto ISO does the rest. In manual mode, you simply choose the max ISO, and the auto ISO just works. It's simple as can be, and I don't understand why other companies don't do it this way.

Auto ISO on my GH1 is a frustration. If I mount a manual focus, adapted lens and choose auto ISO, it assumes I want a minimum shutter speed of 1/30s. If I switch to manual mode, auto ISO stops working. With a 50mm lens and no image stabilization, that means auto ISO is basically worthless to me since I can't handhold steady at 1/30s.

How is auto ISO implemented on the NEX bodies?
I also share Amin's frustration at the 1/30 second speed, but have developed a work-around and by under-exposing am able to get 1/60 or faster. I would of course prefer to have the choice of being able to set nothing slower than 1/60 or 1/100 in camera (similar to Nikon's custom setting).