How many cameras do you currently own?


Sep 11, 2010
I got GAS and don't know quite how to cope with it. I know buying new gear doesn't help. Neither does reading these forums. A new camera buy is usually followed with remorse. I know I should have spent my money otherwise. But that is not the question here and I don't go bankrupt over it. Just the lame excuse for my constant changing gear and buying habit...

So, I have a DSLR, the Nikon D600. Love it. Great handling and not too big. Especially with a smaller prime lens attached. I'm also very fond of the Fujifilm X cameras so I bought the X100S after having sold my X100 just a few months earlier. I also have the X-E1, which I thought would be a X100 replacement with interchangeable lenses. Not so. I was very unsure about getting the X-E1 or the E-M5 so soon after I bought the X-E1 I also got the E-M5 as well. Different cameras for different use, I thought. Too many cameras led me to sell the E-M5 but only after getting the Nikon Coolpix A. A few months down the road have led me to regret that decission so I have another E-M5 (bargain) on order...

All in all I currently have four cameras and waiting on the fifth (E-M5). Oh, I also have a Nikon J2 that I bought for one special purpose - sneak in to concerts. It works perfect for that :) I know, none of these cameras have helped me become a better photographer, but I enjoy gear and technology as much as photography and they are all fun to use!


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May 13, 2013
1...for now.

I am still lurking for a Leica film camera and/or a medium format.
Haven't forgotten the fuji x100s either. The RX1 would be perfect but I'd like to have an OVF instead of an EVF.
and perhaps the Nikon D800 for nature (dreaming is nice).


Lawrence A.

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Nov 8, 2012
New Mexico
Two Olympus film SLRs, 2-XA's and 1 XA!. A Leica IIIb, a Bessa R, A Fuji GS645S, A Hasselblad 500CM, and just an E-M5 digial for the present, although I'm aiming for a DP2 Merrill by the end of September. I use all of them, some only occasionally, but have no intention of dumping anything at the moment. So ten at present, but only one digital until the Sigma hits my camera case.


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Oct 22, 2011
UK, Essex
Peter Tachauer
Leica M6 - gone
Canon 5d mk2 -gone
Ricoh grd3 - gone
Panasonic LX3 - gone

Hmmmmm.....that leaves er......the Fuji Twins


S Noel

Oct 5, 2010
Casey County, KY (Liberty)
Stephen Noel

For some of us, the progression has shifted into reverse (temporarily?). I have whittled my arsenal down to ONE body and TWO lenses, that I will actually use, and one junk zoom with such miserable quality , that it's basically useless.

And I am not planning any camera purchases, any time soon. Just going to follow the maxim: "Beware the man with only one gun that uses it well". :eek: I'm trying to grow into the stage of, "uses it well". May never get there, but it's a fun trip, lookin' ahead.

Now lenses. That may be a different story! :)


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Jul 13, 2011
Lexington, Virginia
Ricoh GR, used to have a RX100 and Micro 4/3's but sold all of them to jump into the GR.
I like this approach, but 28 mm equivalent all by itself is just not a "productive" enough FL in the kind of rural environment in which I find myself. It's hard to jump off the bike and hike (trespass) half-a-mile through the corn field to get that barn shot :)


Jun 20, 2011
Two, a Fujifilm X-Pro1 with the three primes, 18/35/60 mm lenses and, a Nikon D600 with a 50 mm f1.4G lens and the kit zoom, 24-85 mm f3.5-45.

Cheers, Macjim.
I've now moved on to an X100s and the D600 is gone. So my kit now consists of one X-Pro1 with 18/35/60 mm Fuji lenses as quoted above and the X100s which gives me an equivalent of a 35 mm lens. So I have the 35 mm equivalent of 28/35/52/90 mm lenses and the X100s can be taken out when I feel I want a day with just one camera/lens and no hassle.
What happened to the D600? I wanted a full framed sensor camera but I bought this just before the Sony RX1 came out. If I'd known about it if have gone for that but I ended up with the D600. I thought the image quality was good but I found myself hating the bulk and weight of this camera plus, it wasn't ideal for street photography as it attracted to much attention. I thought that I could have gotten enough money to trade in for the the RX1 but boy, did I get a surprise when I got the trade-in quote so I went for X100s as my second choice. The X100s is a very nice wee camera but its already been in for repair as the viewfinder blackout screen developed a fault. It's been repaired but I've yet to try the camera out as I don't have the time just now.
Oh, I got my wee Leica D-Lux 5 back from my pal as he wasn't using it, but I need some cash in a hurry so it sold for a good price on eBay, so I'm no longer a Leica owner, as both the M9 and D-Lux5 are gone.


Dec 8, 2011
Cotswolds, UK
Currently running with OMD and 5 lenses and the beloved X100 I have had for well over a year. Love them both and the X100 is such a beautiful tactile, camera to use with a sensor/lens combo that delivers really good quality images.

I have recently got rid of all my full frame kit (funded OMD kit) and I have no regrets at all, small, light easy to carry so my shoulders appreciate the reprieve.

Any spare funding will go on glass (want the 12mm for the OMD), I have considered trading in X100 for 100s but read some mixed opinions on the new one and now just seen potential news about new OMD so will wait and see before mapping out next steps as it is not a must, but just a like!


Mar 23, 2015
Andrew Lossing
Life to an old thread! Let's see, I have a GR III, A Yi M1 which is sort of an in-between while I figure out where I'll land with the next few years with M4/3, and a Minox 35EL and Ricoh 500G in the film department. Oh, and I still have a Konica FS1 SLR with a 50mm f1.8. And numerous film bodies picked up from thrift and antique stores, Most notably a couple of Mamiya 1000/500 DTLs, and a couple of Canon AF35 plastic fantastic compacts. But in terms of fully functional cameras which I know will work and frequently use, I'll stop with the FS1 and go with a total of 5.

... except that I've just made a purchase on eBay...


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Nov 11, 2011
Milwaukee, WI USA
I can't recall if I've posted to this ancient thread before. But I currently have two film cameras I need to sell. And then if I sell my Fuji X-E3, I'll be down to a Panasonic FZ-something and my telephone camera. And I'll only keep the superzoom, because that is the ONLY thing that my smartphone can't do better.

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