How many cups of coffee do you drink every day?


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I used to drink a lot of coffee. I mean A LOT. Like 1.5 litres of strong coffee a day.

Now I don't drink coffee at all. I feel more healthy now and I'm fighting with my wife much less (almost never) because I'm not as irritable as before.


I have one of those espresso machines that grinds the coffee beans as it needs them so I have 10 to 15 cups of very strong freshly ground coffee a day, plus about 6 cups of strong tea (real tea, not herbal) I hardly ever drink water unless I have done al lot of exercise, so I hardly ever drink water :p


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Gosh, Herman, are you collecting data for the coffee market?:tongue: I usually have two very large mugs (8 ounces) of coffee in the morning, bearing in mind that they are 1/2 milk and 1/2 coffee...but you know how our American coffee is, or don't you?. If I'm out and about near a place that makes really good coffee, I'll often have another with plenty of milk. During the summer I do like to have a nice iced coffee in the afternoon. During the cold darker winter afternoons, I often have a big mug of tea (real tea, Will!) with milk and a bit of sugar.

Evenings - often a glass or two of wine... If I'm with our friends who are serious beer drinkers....when in Rome - especially in the summer, there's nothing like a really ice cold beer.

I am also a serious water drinker.:D

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I've had a pretty nice espresso machine for a few years now (double boiler) and I used to drink waaaaay too much. Now its pretty much just a couple of shots a day, sometimes 1, sometimes 2 or 3, but almost never more than that. Sometimes with milk, sometimes straight espresso. I'm an elitist snob about it (friends don't let friends drink Starbucks!) but I'm not a heavy user anymore...



One on the weekends. Black, made with an Aero-Press and Peets coffee. I mix one scoop of regular and two scoops of decaf. Limits the caffeine while providing a rich coffee flavor.

Black tea during the week. Then a cup of tea in the afternoon every day.

I like the effect of tea better than coffee, but coffee is so much fun on the weekends and gives me energy for the kids.

I cannot drink coffee past noon or I will be up all night. Not jittery, just awake. My dad can drink double espressos after dinner and fall asleep fast.

I love coffee! We have a local place called Philz and they, like Dunkin Donuts, will add cream and sugar for you. it is very good coffee (though, please far and away better than DD)!

Here is a coffee photo in my favorite Heath Ceramics mug.