How many webbrowsers you got aboard


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I got three, Internet Explorer 9, Google Chrome 9, Firefox 3.6.
I "grew up" with IE, I tend to use this webbrowser most.
Looking forward to your replies, thanks.


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Firefox, Chrome, Comodo Dragon, Opera. I also have Firefox 4 Beta and Opera 11 Alpha. Since I have a PC with Windows I assume IE is in there too.

Usage: 90% Chrome, 8% Firefox, 2% Dragon and Opera.

Roni G

Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Firefox. I mostly use Chrome these days. It is fast and simple with few extensions that make it more convinient to use.

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you should be able to figure it out...
Just Safari and Chrome. Safari isn't removable I don't think - I use Chrome all the time. I used Firefox in a previous life on a different platform, but haven't felt any need to try it on the Mac...



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I do web stuff for a living so on my Mac I have Safari, Opera, Firefox, and Chrome, and I also have IE on several different Windows installations at work. I mostly use Safari (95+% of the time).


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I have IE,Chrome,Firefox at work. And Lynx-win32 for the memories.
Mostly using Chrome and some IE for intranet apps.
Grew up on Mosaic and Netscape.

Now trying Surfcube on my phone.

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Bill Shinnick
Most of the time I use Firefox and have 3 versions installed 3.6, 4.0 beta 8 and Minefield 64 bit beta. I like Chrome but it is very buggy on my system with runtime errors that are also reported by others (but no solutions). Chrome is definitely faster. IE is there as some progs use it but I never deliberately open it. Tried Safari for Windows and it's not bad but less well supported with add-ons.