How much of the current market for cameras is enthusiat/Pro?


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Thom Hogan posted this on his site:

"More interesting is all the comments about pro/hobbyist buyers—and there are a lot of them—with one eye-popping stat being that they expect those folk to account for 90% of their sales two years out (up from 65%; the above chart suggests that the pro/hobbyist sales have remained level for the last six years). That also seems to suggest no Z30 is coming. Or at least they don't expect to sell many ;~). As I noted in articles earlier this week, crop sensor DSLRs are likely goners after this holiday season. (Nikon wasn't consistent in their charts. Some show 75% current pro/hobbyist sales, some 65% next year ;~)."

Not a startling result, but I never gave much thought as to the change in camera offerings. It may mean that cameras like the XT200 might actually go away because there would be nearly no one left to buy them. Thoughts?
I don’t know anyone who isn’t an hobbyist or pro that still uses a “camera”. My kids, now in their 40s and with their own children in school plays, sports, recitals, etc. leave their DLSRs gathering dust in the closet and use their phones. For myself, I no longer own a “compact camera” to carry around; my phone has replaced them - because it generally does a better job and is zero additional effort to carry.

I find the pictures that come out of my iPhone 12 to be really excellent under many shooting conditions. An entry level DLSR such as a Nikon D3500 with the 18-55 kit lens really won’t be all that much better (if at all) in the majority of shooting situations a casual user might come across. That lens and focusing system aren't going to cut it for capturing the kids on the soccer field; the phone won’t either in still mode, but instantly switches to video mode and does a great job.

Yes, the ergonomics of a phone for picture taking leaves something to be desired, but I never got comfortable shooting with an RX100 either.
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