How much?


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Sep 28, 2010
Sofia, Bulgaria
It's not among my favourite Gursky images but I do like it. If I was the kind of person who could afford to spend 4.3 million dollars on art I probably would buy myself a few Gursky's for the walls of my gigantic house:)

And if we're going to have 4.3 million dollar photographs I much rather they were Gursky's rather than those of the one trick pony Cindy Sherman and the serial 'appropriator' Richard Prince whose works have also gone for millions recently.

I should of course point out for any fans of Sherman or Prince who might be reading that this is of course all IMHO:)


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Nov 5, 2010
Down Under
Wow and it doesn't even have a cow, horse or a single flower in it! Well I have a few images kicking about that might also 'capture the platonic idea of water through the landscape', and I'll throw in the cow, horse and flowers for free. Actually I'll even go two for the price of one Gursky!:wink:. Leica M9 with Summilux and Noctilux here I come! Kept in a diamond studded Louis Vuitton bag, on the shoulder of my photo caddy who sits on the passenger side pf my Maserati and may come into the west wing of my home for a glass of Dom Perignon, after a day's shooting...

I mean really?

....and he still owns the negs?!?

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