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Hey all, 99.9% of you are more handy with computers than I.

Here's my dilemma (and I want NO admonishment about my lack of organization, NOR any suggestions about letting Lightroom (or any other program for that matter) manage my photos)...... I photographed a bunch of LPs a couple years ago in anticipation of listing them for sale on eBay. Real life got in the way and that project was sidelined. I know there is a folder with those photos on my computer. I also have ONE of the photos from that batch saved to my desktop.

I thought I could just do a search for that file (since I know it's name) using the Windows search option and find where it is hidden. Unfortunately, when the search is complete, it just shows me two of that file....the one on my desktop and the other version of it, but it DOESN'T show me where the files are (because what I REALLY need is to find the rest of the photos I took at the same time).

Is there some way for me to find all those shots that I am not thinking of? I am on a Windows computer.
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