Guide How to mark your Classifieds post as "Completed"

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Cameraderie community members are able to post for free classifieds threads for items that they are selling, buying, or looking to trade. When your transactions is completed it is up to the member who created the classifieds post to mark the transaction as complete. Marking the item as complete is part of your responsibility in order to post your classifieds item and by posting you are agreeing to that.

When you mark your classifieds item as completed the thread will be automatically closed for further replies and the thread "prefix" will change to show the completed status.

NOTE: Please do *not* delete the classifieds item to mark it as complete, instead change the prefix as described below.

Steps to take after your Cameraderie classifieds transaction has completed:
  • While logged in to your account view the classifieds threads.
  • In the upper-right hard corner of the thread you will see a drop-down menu selection. Click on the drop-down selector (the 3 dots and down-arrow) to view your list of options.

    Change Prefix 1.JPG

  • Depending on your account settings you will see options similar to the list shown here. Choose the Edit Thread option.

    Change Prefix 2.JPG

  • You will be shown your classifieds thread title and to the left of the title is the thread prefix. The thread prefix indicates the type of the classifieds item. Click on the existing prefix (the prefix name and the down-arrow) to see the list of available classifieds types. Select the Completed prefix.

    Change Prefix 3.JPG

  • Click the Save button to save the new prefix.

    Change Prefix 4.JPG

That's it! Just a few mouse clicks and your classifieds item thread will be automatically closed and marked as completed. 😎

If you run into any problems feel free to ask any of our volunteer moderators team for assistance and we will help out.
Not open for further replies.