Leica How to properly clean a vintage lens?


I know that the best is not to clean them, but how to clean an old lens when we have fingerprints and the glass or the coating is very soft? Summar, Summitar, Jupiters...

I use a cotton swab with some cleaning fluid for lenses, but I do not know if it is the best option.
I use a Q-Tip with cleaning fluid, wipe very gently. First Q-Tip to apply the fluid, the dry side to gently wipe it off. I also use Tiffen Brand lens cleaning paper, wrapped around a Q-Tip.
The Tiffen cleaning paper- used to be marketed as "Kodak". It is the best paper I've used. I use them dry, to wipe up after the fluid has been applied. The Paper is better for a larger diameter lens or filter.

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