Guide How to set your Cameraderie theme/style


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Here at Cameraderie our community members & visitors have a choice of multiple themes to choose from. Also called 'styles', themes control how the site looks & feels with the biggest difference them being the color palettes. 🎨

The default theme for members & visitors who have not made a choice is subject to change. Community members who are logged into their account can choose a theme that is always used while visitors who are not logged can choose their preferred theme but it is only stored in their devices browser cookies. That means if you are logged in then you can choose a theme and it'll be automatically used no matter what if you use multiple devices, as long as you're logged in your preferred theme will be shown. If you are not logged in though then your choice is saved only on your current device that are using and only for as long as the browser cookie exists.

Here is how to set your preferred Cameraderie community theme. 😎

Method #1: Footer Selector

In the footer of all pages there is a theme selector that shows your current theme being used.​
After clicking the name of theme you will be shown a menu with a list of all of the currently available themes to choose from. After you click on the new theme to use your preferences will be saved and you will be returned back to the site. Selecting the "Use default style" choice will set your theme to the current site default theme.​
If you are logged into Cameraderie your choice will be saved to your account for future use. If you are not logged in then your choice is only saved to your current browser device cookie.​
Method #2: Member Preferences

While logged into your account click on your account name in the upper-right of the navigation bar near the top of the screen. When the drop-down menu appears click on the 'Preferences' link. You can also go directly to your account preferences by using the URL​
On the preferences screen you will see a drop-down selector named 'Style'. Click the drop-down selector to see a list of all of the currently available themes to choose from. Selecting the "Use default style" choice will set your theme to the current site default theme.​

And that's it, your theme will now be remembered. Be sure to let us know your favorite theme or if you've got suggestions for a new one! 🖌


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With so many new visitors this week from other sites we'll be likely changing the default style, at least temporarily, from the "Really Dark" theme to the "Light Theme" as that is what many are used from the other sites. As always, be sure to let us know which theme you prefer! There are a few different options available currently and, if there are any that nobody is really using, the list will get trimmed down to just the ones people really use.

To change your personal preferences the instructions are mostly the same as they are above but the location of the link in the footer has changed.

The link in the footer to change your style is in the "Members" column and is the link with the paintbrush in front of it. The name shown with the paintbrush is the style you are currently using. Click on the link to change your preference.