How's weather at your place?

I tried and couldn't change the mountain spring transition - but I found I could change location to improve the weather.



Marlow, UK
"Dry, sunny and exceptionally warm", to quote today's weather forecast. We should see 22C or thereabouts later, which is really very warm for the end of March.

It should stay warm tomorrow before the temperature drops to levels befitting a public holiday - it'll be more like 10C over the Easter weekend.

But for now it's lovely. I may even get my bike out of the shed later, look at it, and then put it away again.

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We've had a right roller coaster of a month in March, and there's no respite: We've now had temperatures in the mid twenties (Celsius!) for a couple of days - after almost a week of night frosts and cold, windy days; by Tuesday, there'll be snow again ... While all this creates interesting opportunities for photography, it's also quite exhausting on a purely physical level, and a nuisance when it comes to choosing clothes: What you wear in the morning can be totally unsuitable in the afternoon; you end up sweating or freezing (I got a taste of this today - the day was really quite nice and warm, if a bit windy; in the evening, the warmth had fled, the wind increased and felt chilly).



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It's been a weird few months with a week of 20C temperatures followed by a week of near-freezing and heavy snow fall.
But it looks like Spring is finally arriving as we seem to have lost the night frost now though and day-time temperatures are topping at 15C.

I never needed to use the wood burning stove this late into the year before.


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That's how ...

I really tried to find a spot in the elusive sun to take an image, but whenever I left the car, snow started to fall. The cold also ended my first attempt at a walk here. I'll wrap up more thoroughly for the next try ... But I have to confess this almost took the desire to venture outside out of me for today.


This is a brilliant photo, Matt. Beautifully processed, too.


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Breezy, sunny, and cool. Great day for bike riding, but I've been squirreled way in the workshop much of the day. Supposed to be down around freezing tomorrow. Gotta cut the grass in the morning, as we are expecting at least 4 days in a row of rain after tomorrow.

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