How's weather at your place?


Bremen - Germany
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keep the shutters down and stay inside . temperature outside around 35 ° C



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Just had a nice thunderstorm with lightnings and very heavy rainfall.
Now a cooling breeze with gently falling raindrops as a nice contrast to the heat wave before.
I'll sleep with windows and balcony doors open and enjoy the purified air.


Code Monkey 🐒
An enduring spell of hot and humid, with frequent periods of rain, sometimes torrential. Trouble is, the rain doesn't cool things off for long; it's even more muggy once the rain stops. I was actually riding my wife's bike up and down the street in the rain yesterday afternoon, because the rain just felt good after a day of uncomfortable mugginess.
We're getting the same thing up here in Philly. If it is not hot & muggy then it's raining with maybe one day of the week having a few good outside hours. It's been really cutting in my daily walking time and I haven't been able to convince Mrs. Kevin yet that I should get a treadmill for the house.


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The Lowlands
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After a couple of days of 30 degrees Celsius and storm clouds in the evenings, it's come down quite a bit this last week, with temperatures maxing out at a comfortable 20C. Bit more wind and rain.
We had one hefty storm leaving six people injured a few days ago. :(

When it's dry it's good weather for wandering outside with a camera. :)

Graham Moore

Vancouver BC
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Woke up this morning to 17C and 75% humidity with fairly heavy overcast. It's forecast to be really sunny by late morning and 25C in the afternoon. Our weather is all over the place and forest fire season is getting into full swing, so I'll not be surprised to see smoke blotting out the sun for at least a couple of weeks by mid-summer.
Hot, 25 Celcius nine o'clock in the morning, humidity 72%. We are not used to this kind of tropical weather. I wake up as tired and sweaty as I go to sleep. And of course in the country where warming up houses is more important we haven't got air conditioner 🙄