How's weather at your side?


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Jul 7, 2010
betwixt and between
Doug, I'm not sure whether I should stick my tongue out at you or thank you for this beautiful spring bouquet of a scene. ;-) Lovely country road view...and it makes me wish I were there for sure.


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Jun 20, 2012
Hood River, OR
We spent over 5 hours outside yesterday, even though temps were below freezing. We just put on long down coats that were dark in color, and biked our daughter to playground after playground. At each one we'd sit on a bench and soak up the sun, trying to absorb vitamin D through our faces.

Got down to 8F last night, was in the teens this morning. I can do this. But I'm ready...
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May 7, 2011
It looks like it shifted more North maybe. We got 10 inches where I live, N of DC. Government is closed, so roads are not bad without traffic. However southbound I-95 (S of DC) was shutdown due to a bus accident...

Much less snow so far. Mostly icy roads.
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