How's Your Color Vision


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Sep 28, 2010
Sofia, Bulgaria
While browsing the X-Rite website I came across a link to a do it yourself test to help you assess you colour vision. If you're interested in trying it you'll find it on the X-Rite website. I did it twice and scored 7 and 12 - my weak points occurring in the same areas of the spectrum each time.

Dewi Sant

Dec 20, 2013
Lancashire, England
I did this test a while back as well Sue, scored 7 then and scored 7 again now. Not too bad for a 63 year old wrinkly I suppose. I used to work for British Telecom years ago and obviously because the work involved lots of colour coded wires I had to undergo a colour blindness test at the job interview. I served my time as an electrical engineer so had known for a while that I had problems with differentiating greys / greens, so on interview day for BT I "winged " it. Whenever I got grey green wires I had to mark one, then cut a bit off both and take them outside into daylight, even then i struggled sometimes and would have to ask a passer-by to tell me which was which. I'd have made a great bomb disposal fella! :)

It'll be interesting to see what others here score and the age range


Dec 20, 2013
Did it once, scored a 4. Couple of mixups in the acquamarine - I suspect I could do better if I wasn't doing this on my Mac Air screen in semi-direct sunlight ;)


Apr 30, 2013
4 also here. Also in the third row (won't try to give that a name) ... so what gives? Can't be us, must be the software ;)

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