How's Your Color Vision

NE Ohio, USA

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Score: 2​

  • Gender Male
  • Select Age Range 40 - 49
  • Best Score for your Gender -1000000
  • Worst Score for your Gender 1700045439
About your score: A lower score is better, with ZERO being a perfect score. The circle graph displays the regions of the color spectrum where your hue discrimination is low.


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I just scored a 6. Not too bad for over 70, IMO. I think a lot of it had to do with my new(er) to me monitor which I didn't have last time I took this test. I forget what I got on that one but it had to be worse as my monitor was over 10 years old when I replaced it two years ago.

Irene McC

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Zero the Fool ! yee-haw :)