Film HP5+ @ ISO 1600, Seattle, March 2021


S. Oregon Coast (the Northernmost-Cal of them All)
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Andrew Lossing
I thought I'd share a not-quite-the-whole-roll this time. It was a rainy day and I was in the heavily shadowed areas around Pike Place Market much of the time, so I shot this HP5 at 1600, fully expecting the grainy results. Of course there are ways to mitigate the grain, but I didn't have them, rodinal is all I have right now, so I used 1:25 for 12 minutes with pretty gentle agitation. I don't dislike the way it came out.


Untitled (2).jpg

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This was the first time in over a year I got to shoot photos outside of my home area, we were up helping my sister in law settle into an apartment for a job she has up there. All of us living very circumscribed lives. More than I can say for many I saw out and about - there were masks almost everywhere, of course, but I found it surprising that in Seattle, a hard-hit city earlier in the pandemic, there were a lot of people out and about.

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There were definitely a lot of people in the market who didn't seem to give a rip how close they were to other people.

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A lot of the open-air dining was more curtailed than many of the other standbys - the flower merchants, for example, were still doing well. Not many places offered any space for eating, however.

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There was some straight-up tourism, which kind of surprised me. Either these were people who weren't into following guidelines, or else they had been, and were part of the contingent of people who seemed "over it." Or maybe they were vaccinated.


S. Oregon Coast (the Northernmost-Cal of them All)
Real Name
Andrew Lossing
I don't really understand people who were dressed up for a day out on the town, not at this point in 2021 at any rate. I was bundled up, masked and standing a ways off from people most of the time - what we've learned to do over the past year. But I wasn't out to see how unsafe people were or weren't being. I just needed to see the world was actually moving, at some pace, any pace. Living in a small town doesn't always give you the full perspective of massive, global events.

Untitled (26).jpg

Untitled (27).jpg

Untitled (28).jpg

Untitled (29).jpg

The above is what happens when you zone focus for street photography and forget about your wider aperture.

Untitled (30).jpg

Untitled (33).jpg

Untitled (35).jpg

Bonus points for spotting all of the hand sanitizer bottles in the above images. There were all of the images that worked at all, there were a few for which the pushed film wasn't enough to recover anything recognizable.

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