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I've written about Huelight color profiles over at, and now that Huelight has broader support for a variety of cameras outside of Micro 4/3, I thought I'd spread the word over here as well. Huelight color profiles can be utilized in Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw and are designed to improve color rendering and skin tones as well as to balance the individual color channels giving a more neutral image to aid future post processing.

The effect is subtle, but I find that the profiles indeed give me more consistent, harmonious, and pleasing color for all of my supported cameras, including the Olympus E-M5, Panasonic GX1, and Sony RX100. I wouldn't want to be without them.

The image below shows a default Adobe Lightroom rendering of Sony RX100 file. Mouseover for the Huelight version.


If the mouseover doesn't work, you can see the files here: Adobe default | Huelight

It should be noted that these are sRGB renderings for the web, and they do not fully show all the differences that you would see within the AdobeRGB or ProPhotoRGB color space.

Currently profiles are available for the following cameras:

  • Canon 5D Mark III
  • Fujifilm X100
  • Fujifilm X-Pro1
  • Leica M9
  • Nikon D4
  • Nikon D600
  • Nikon D800
  • Nikon J1
  • Nikon V1
  • Olympus E5
  • Almost all Olympus and Panasonic Micro 4/3 Cameras
  • Panasonic LX5
  • Panasonic LX7
  • Sony NEX-5N
  • Sony NEX-7
  • Sony NEX-C3
  • Sony NEX-F3
  • Sony RX100

The profiles for each camera cost $10 and can be ordered here: Huelight Color Profiles

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