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Saturday morning, some serious clouds came out, and a little wind. So, before meeting my dearest in town, I decided to take a look at a place I often see from afar.

Here it is: stop, turn right, park - enjoy a few minutes before the rain.
The road is straight westwards, and this is the south side. Two takes with E-PL1 and 14-42mkI


Before the rain di alfrjw, su Flickr


Stop, turn right. di alfrjw, su Flickr

End of the road, usual sign : "very private, nothing allowed, go away, you stink, very much not welcome if not a customer". Everywhere in Tuscany you read this kind of signs. So when a human approaches with a hunting carabine I do my "lost tourist" performance, loved by armed thugs everywhere in the world, and move to the tree, pretending to piss while mounting the Lumix 20/1,7.


green and grey di alfrjw, su Flickr

I receive definite instructions on my way back, and put on my hat while it starts to rain.

North di alfrjw, su Flickr

Everything Postprocessed on the iPad with snapseed

That's all for Saturday, and I think I'll spend this afternoon enjoying the sun. At home. :)


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Alf, love the photos and what you're getting with your snapseed process - but that story is almost better!:rofl: If I didn't detect the humor, I'd have been more upset...but Tuscany is filled with those signs? That I wouldn't have ever guessed at all. I've always wanted to go there. I thought it was just my town that was filled with those signs - fortunately no guns come out, yet.

Enjoy your day at home in the sun!


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Actually, in Tuscany everyone is most welcome if a customer. If a resident, you are a guest - ie. expected to leave,sooner or later, and the fact that you don't leave and you actually buy a house to remain and work there is viewed at least as a curiosity. This is mostly true out of town, but the best example of this slightly tribal view on humanity is Siena. I love it, but I could never belong there - foreigner as in Japan.
That said, Tuscany is home of huge foreign communities, from Italy or from abroad, who enjoy it a lot since generations.
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