Nikon I am drooling...


I'd say this would be one of the smallest cameras till date with features that are really 'big' and serious! If it has the same sensor as the one in D7000, it means 14bit raw files with 14 stops (!!!!!) of dynamic range (at base ISO) and awesome low light performance at an impressive 16 megapixel resolution. Plus 920,000 dot vari-angle LCD screen, battery life rated at 660 shots (CIPA standard) and 1080p (30fps) video, all in a size not much bigger than Panasonic G2. I am droolling.....
Nikon D5100 In-depth Review


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Mayank, it is the same sensor as the D7000 and the Pentax K5 and the Sony A580 (it's a Sony made sensor). The Sony and the new Nikon have all the ability of the more expensive D7000 and the K5 but at a much better price. Before I decided to buy my NEX5 I was very close to getting the A580 as a replacement for my 3 year old A200. I still might.

It's incredible what you can get in cameras these days for what is relatively little money.