Micro 4/3 I am shooting video as I type.......

I have my G9/Oly 60mm videoing hundreds of small American House Spiders (Achaearanea tepidfariorum) leave the egg sac. Although I am buying a new camera in October (now vacillating between the OM1 and Gh6), I will be keeping my 2 G9's. Why? because I know them and find them to be the perfect hybrid for my large collection of M43 lenses. I am a 50/50 video/still shooter. Some of you may have seen my birding images, the G9 does well for me with the PL100-400. I see the Om1 and Gh6 and a Hybrid that has been split in half, and that is what makes my choice a hard one.

I love the G9's versatility. Especially a hidden special feature. The 6K photo is actually a 5.7K (after crop) video function in the H265 format. So I am videoing the spider event but will be able to pull 18 mpx jpg's from it. I color grade in Divinci Resolve Studio and run them through On1 AI noise reduction for very web and print friendly images. I am finding that more and more (I have about .8 of an acer, wooded) I using the 6K photo out in the yard to record maco (I often use the Panasonic App on my phone to restart the recording when the 10 minute limit is done). With the ability of Apple RAW coming to the Gh6 with an external recorder that would give me even more latitude in post if I wanted.

If I go Gh6 I want to stay small with lenses thus no f1.7, probably will go with the 12-60 and add the 8-18 (although I have the Oly 9-18 for my travel kit). I've found that I can get 50% keepers with the G9/PL100-400 for birding (of which I am doing more and more "bird's on the gound doing something interesting" than BIF. Nature videos (I can hand hold the G9 @ 250mm and get steady images) are drawing me more and more. Why video? I love to come home after a day of imaging and see the activity again, stop it, or play it in slow motion. Of course, I've done video (professionally) since 1985 and while retired love doing everything from the shoot to post. Stills the same thing.

For insects, reptiles, and other small critters I've found M43 to a fantastic tool, especially when hiking. One of my favorite travel kits is the Gx85/Oly 9-18 and 75-300II. While I can get better video with thge 75-300 using a G9, every once counts in the desert (I take a Canon 500D closeup lens for macro on trips). Have to go and see what I've got. As Nike says, "just do it" - with M43 that means anything in imaging, video or still:)