Micro 4/3 I blame you lot

A month or so ago, I bought a new Nikon D700 (quite possibly the last one off the production line for a wee while, judging by the discussion boards :D).

Yesterday, we bought a new GH2 kit for my wife to use and I found this place after surfing a few Lumix G forums. It reminded me what a cracking camera the LX3 is and that my old Ricoh R6 was none too shabby in its day as well. So they've had their batteries charged and I've been wandering around with the LX3 today, mostly playing with macros in the garden.

So my 1600 GBP/2600USD/1900 Euro D700 is back in its box :eek:

New D700s are now selling for nearly 1900 GBP even on Amazon and it's sooooooo tempting to actually make a profit by selling it :cool:


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Guilty as charged. The question is, do you have a stack of Nikon lenses as well? If not, you could sell the D700, take the profit and then if you're missing it you could buy the new 'D800' if it ever appears.


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I'm wondering if this is an example of shared guilt?;) olli's suggestion sounds like a pretty good one to me, Russ - though, I must add that I have no experience with the Nikon in question.:daz: