Fuji I ... couldn't... resist ... anymore...


I started a topic a week ago "It keeps on calling my name" that i'd get the X100.
After a lot of twisting and turning I still cancelled the order and decided to wait a bit longer ...But the X fuji's were still on my mind.

(In the meantime I also got my 600D which I really like a lot)

So today I tested the Fuji x10 in store (after again reading a lot of review) and took some quick photos there, damn they were really great (iso 100 and 400) and working with the camera was great.
Quite fast , nice viewfinder, great looks, super silent...

I'm not expecting DSLR quality images and super high iso capacities, but just a pocketable camera that can take great pics during daytime (mainly outside)

first I'll test drive the X10 and if i turn out happy with it, i'll (finally) be adding the X100 to to my collection to complement the X10 and maybe one day.. the Pro ...

I'll be posting pics soon ;-)


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Just call the closest Fuji repair center and get your name on the list. The sensor swap is free but you do need to pay for shipping. Orb issue notwithstanding, it's one of my very favorite cameras among all that I have owned.


I know, though I don't think the orbs will bother me much... (i don't take pics at night much, and if i do i'll use the 600D)
I bought it in a local store with 2 year warranty though (price was about the same as on the internet)

The X100 i'd prefer buying in a store with 2 year warranty (amazon uk only gives one year)

I took some very quick shots , and though i'll need to learn quite some things, I can say i'm suprised by the high iso quality.
it surpasses the EPL2 with kit lens by far (iso 800)


Wolf you have gone amok lol! That is going to be a steep learning curve with all those new cameras. Have fun!

it's well known that men can multi task :D

seriously, I won't be getting the X100 soon (I think...)

This noon i'll be taking some X10 photos during my lunch brake ...

I have also decided to sent the 600D back and return it for a D3100 ...
Why ?
The 600D is a nice camera, but the "cheap" lenses are really so cheap... (the nikon's that cost the same seem quite a lot better built) , also the D3100 is even lighter and Nikon seems to have a better lens selection for my needs (55-200, 35mm, 50mm, 40mm macro, ...)

and it's 140 euro cheaper then the 600d to top it all :rolleyes:


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it's well known that men can multi task :D

That is not a male only attribute.. haha

And I seem to have a similar lens line-up as you, in Canon. I don't think I could switch to Nikon only because I love my macro lenses [50mm Compact/w Converter & 100mm -- Still want that 65mm MPE, seriously, 5:1 wow but yeah don't even breathe], sounds like it will be perfect for you though :)


i'm still quite impressed with this camera

great sharpness and nice bokeh for a camera this size

some quick shots just for testing






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I'm on the verge of getting the x100.....as well.... or the XP1..... choices choices.... one day Ive decided on one.... only to choose the other the next day... this battle has been going on for weeks...lol


haha, join the club, mal...
i have the same problem...

or... get a nikon d3100/5100 with 35,40 and 50mm prime...

hard times :p