I didn't intend to get yet another camera...

but when an online friend posted pictures taken with her Olympus PEN E-PL1 I was very impressed with the image quality and wound up buying one with the Panasonic 20mm f/1.7 "pancake" lens. I was mostly interested in low light, low noise, no flash work and the 20mm lens fits the bill wonderfully. There is just "something" that makes its images out of the ordinary. Color is brilliant. I'm very happy with it now that I've ALMOST conquered the menus.

I'm a retired long time photography lover, whose first digital camera was the Kodak DC120, about 13 or 14 years ago.

I use both digicams and dslrs to achieve my goals, capturing subjects I (mostly) love, so I can relive the joy they gave me when I clicked the shutter.

I honestly think I enjoy photoediting more than taking the pictures.

Nine years ago, wanting to help people who were posting poor images on a online dog forum to which I belonged, I started the Digipets Yahoo Group and have enjoyed watching people go from compact digicams to selling their work. It's been very rewarding. (Digipets, by the way, is not only for dog lovers, but for digital photography in general...with a few recipes thrown in!)

I'm grateful to all the online folk who've helped me along the way, especially the kind folk I met years ago on the dpreview Retouching Forum. Sadly most of them have left dpreview because of negative folk who persist in fanning flames.

Looking forward to discussing what I love most about photography - learning and sharing.



Product of the Fifties
I remember the Kodak DC120, first consumer camera to boast 1MPixel, had an LCD screen, and "Liveview" for use in macro mode. Price was ~$1000, if I remember. RAW files only, convert to JPEG with software. Mine still works, picked it up at a camera show.

Welcome aboard!
I don't recall needing specialized software for the DC120 images or that they were raw. I used that camera a lot, then gave it to my son. Had lots of fun with it. Remember paying $210 for a 10mb compact flash card for it. Can you imagine that?