Fuji I found a great camera for my kids to use


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I was waiting for waterproof, shockproof, freezeproof cameras to reach the sub-$150 mark before getting one for the kids, and the Fuji XP10 comes in at just over $100 at Amazon or B&H.

The XP10 is a great worry-free beach camera. It would really hurt if my GRD or GH2 were damaged by sand or stolen while I was swimming. At $100, I can live with the scratches, and taking underwater photos was a lot of fun. A few recent snaps from a family trip:





Battery life is pretty terrible, but I was able to live with it.

If anyone else has young kids who treat things roughly or is looking for an inexpensive option for the pool or beach, I highly recommend the XP10.


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I haven't used it in low light but assumed that with a very small sensor, no image stabilization, non-speedy lens, and no RAW, it wasn't going to be very good for that.

As for the water sealing, I can only speak to my own experience, which was that it did great after 4 straight days of going into oceans. I was careful to check seals before going in the water as well as to rinse it with tap water at the end of each day.


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THanks for sharing Amin. I'm in the same boat as you. My oldest has an SW850 that I bought used, but the video is bad (340X280), so I'm looking for a cheap upgrade. Just got an Oly tough 3000 (or something like that) but it was DOA!!! Her birthday is next week, so I'm still looking. That's a nice looking camera, but Bill's link to those comments does give me pause. Please post any updates you might have as you use the camera. I may get her something else for her birthday, and look to a new camera in the summer. I'd like to know your continued experience with this Fuji.