Sony I got one! So far I like it!

Silat Shooter

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I'm a 'serious compact' addict. I've tried just about everything out there. So recently added the NEX 5 and so far it's a sweet and truly compact camera.

Could it better, absolutely!! I don't mind the poorly reviewed user interface but I do wish it had manual control of the video and the shutter noise was less. The kit lens is OK but not a star. I'm defintely hoping for better glass, hopefully by Christmas. Would love to see a Zeiss 35mm f2 and Zeiss 85-90 macro with IS, compact of course. I know, I know, wishful thinking!

But really enjoying that terrific screen and the high ISO images are better than anticipated. Hope DXO Optical Pro supports this camera's RAW files soon.

I think Sony is going to do well with this system. The good news for all of us is that it will only force Panasonic, Samsung, Olympus to get better and maybe, maybe get Nikon and Canon to notice this segment.
It's great to see Sony in this space, and I think the NEX5 looks like a terrific start. I just recommended this camera for my dad, who is finding his Canon 5D II a bit much to lug everywhere and wanted to try something other than Micro 4/3.
Not a bad call! I have a 5D II as well and as good as the IQ is, it's of no value if it's not being used when you should have a camera. That's exactly why I got the NEX 5. Very Easy to carry!!
I'd be interested in hearing more about your user experiences, Silat. The NEX system is exactly what I'd like to start seeing---smallish RF bodies with APS-C sensors. Match that with pancakes and primes, and you've got a bag-cam worth toting around. However, the NEX looks quite botched where user interface and manual override is concerned. Frankly, as it currently stands with that honking kit lens, it's not much different from the small, entry-level DSLRs from Oly, Nikon, etc.
Underneath, you're absolutely right about the proper pairing for the NEX is primes and pancakes. I think they will come, hopefully in the Zeiss name and quality level. The only reason I didn't go with the 16mm is I'm not really into wide angle shooting to make that my primary lens for the time being. Prefer 35, 50 and 90mm focal lengths for 90% of what I shoot.

I can say that this system even with the kit lens is NOT at all like like small DSLR from the brands you named. I tried a Rebel for a small alternative to my big Full Frame Camera and lenses, the NEX is MUCH smaller and the kit lens is also noticably smaller than the kit lens that Canon makes. The NEX shoots and handles more like a P/S than a DSLR for sure.

I can say that the UI is not as bad as reviewed. It's like working with an Ipod frankly. Once you know where to find ISO, White Balance, etc, it becomes fairly easy. I think those reviewers were/are accustomed to hardware dials and buttons. Not saying they are wrong, this camera has its quirks like any other product. I think there are many more positives here than negatives. The images at 3200 ISO are much better than anticipated.

Thus far, my only real gripe is the shutter noise is louder than I like. I'd buy this again for sure.
So Shooter, good name by the way...
Would you be so kind to give us an idea about shooting in A mode and the way the menu operates?
How easy to change F stops? How about any pre focus lock etc.....