I have had 6 images invited to the Getty Images database!! Blimey!!


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Big congratulations - that is superb news as they can be very fickle - they would not take them if they do not think they will sell, not good for business.


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That's great news mate. Well done!!!

So out of curiosity was this out of the blue? Or do you put it down to having joined a specific group?


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:friends: Congratulations Andy!!!! Fantastic news!

Did it happen due to your Flickr account? I know they have the option that allows members to make their photos open to Getty. I'm not using the right wording, I know.


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Btw, does that now prevent you from posting the pictures here? I'm interested to see the images, and what you used to take the shots. Not that I'm targetting Getty :eek:, just plan ol' curiosity. :)


Getty's FAQ says " you agree not to compete with Getty Images by licensing the image or Similars yourself, or through any third-party. On a non-exclusive basis, you can use your images and any Similars for personal, self-promotional (non-commercial) use including Photo Sharing. You can do so as long as you do not compete with or limit the rights granted to Getty Images under the Contributor Agreement. You are not restricted however, from licensing totally different, non-Similar images either yourself or via another third-party photo library"

so it looks like licensed photos are yours to do mostly what you like with on a non-commercial basis


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Andy great news! Was this through flickr? They reached out to me for some images back in June through flickr. Oddly they were all phonecam shots too!


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It's a great start! It also means it could continue if you post more good shots.
The frustration is that you need to fill release forms each time there's a person or a recognizable piece of architecture in your submitted image. I'll admit it's a major pain.

I started having a few requests two years ago, then i was receiving Getty request every three weeks or so. It's only three months ago that i started the process for good. 51 images in, and still 150 images to fill and finish with model releases!

I seriously doubt it's a good financial deal, i don't think i have sold anything, but haven't checked for quite some time.

The interesting detail is that getty was only accepting a specific amount of cameras for submitted shots. There was an official list consisting Mostly of dslrs or specific cameras like the leica x1.
However i received an email last week requesting licensing for 5 shots from the ricoh grd iv! I was pretty surprised as all my shots in getty were from my leica m9, canon 5dmkii, as well as my leica x1. It's a good thing to know for serious compacts users!

Again, kudos for the shots!

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