I Have Realized I Have Feelings On OVF vs EVF


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I guess I have crossed the VF Rubicon.
Many do; no shame in that.

I was frankly personally surprised how I adopted to the OVF. I was an EVF user of several years when I went back to Leica and OVF. Suppose it's not as much about whether the view is optical or digital but rather how the frame is presented to me. A Rangefinder view is not possible with an EVF (unless there was a built-in secondary lens and sensor on the camera to capture that outside view).

WRT Nikon I'm ambivalent but slightly leaning towards EVF but Leica and RF is the one thing for me, currently.


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I'd crossed the EVF rubicon myself, in that everything I had from the GX1 in 2014 onwards had an EVF or an LCD only. Before that was a Nikon D40 with a very small OVF for a DSLR. I have mostly experienced earlier EVFs, none within the last few years when they've grown truly good, according to most reports. So that's something I have to keep in mind. However, I think I prefer an OVF when certain characteristics of the exposure and recording medium are met, mostly that the metering controls highlights well (I'd really enjoy a camera with an OVF and highlight-weighted metering, does one exist yet?) and there is a lot of latitude in the file. You do give up a lot when you don't have an EVF with blinkies. Probably one of the singularly best features to come out of modern mirrorless - although when they're based off JPEG information instead of RAW, they aren't 100% accurate.

For my Bessa-T with B&W film that has a huge exposure latitude, I enjoy the free and clear hot shoe OVF. Zone focus and a meter I can glance down at rather than one in the viewfinder makes for a really easy experience. Maximizes my disregard of the camera equipment in favor of just experiencing the scene as I walk around.

I don't know how well I could get a digital camera to replicate that. The GR III's highlight-weighted metering gives some of that same free-and-easiness, but the hot shoe finder is awkward on such a small body (plus I only have 35mm ones, not 28mm). I could always go a Nikon DSLR, but where's the fun in that?

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