I know it's crazy, but I've changed us back to SC


Jul 10, 2010
Huntsville, AL
I haven't visited in a few days and found my cached login didn't kick in and noticed the change. For me, the content is driven by users and what users allow, regardless of the name. I'm still sporting an ep5 and a Fuji compact.


Top Veteran
Jul 11, 2010
Melbourne, Australia
Ever since the change to Photographers Lounge, I never used that URL. I'd just click my bookmark for SC and let it redirect. In part, I was lazy, but I also didn't want to let go of the way things came to be.

For the first time in a few weeks, I clicked the link and thought I'd been taken to another dimension, a parallel universe where you never changed the name, and had a different logo. Then I wondered if someone had hijacked the SC domain name to phish for user data! Obviously, I've been watching far too many movies.

I'm very happy that we are back to Serious Compacts. Compact cameras have always been my thing, despite getting into large and chunky DSLR's for a while. It's what attracted me to Serious Compacts in the first place! The flickr group had lots of fun discussion, and now we are back to our own home on the web.

Thank you, Amin! :dance3:

(Currently in my bag: Ricoh GR and Panasonic GM1. Both serious and compact. Yeah!)


Bring Jack back!
Jan 11, 2011
Houston, Texas
It's been a while since I posted or even visited the site. But it's nice to come back and get a pleasant surprise! It's like coming home! Like the change back. And love the logo! Well done Amin!

Les Klein

Dec 10, 2015
Montreal area
I logged into PL a few days after arriving in Ireland. Having noticed that it was now called SC, I thought (having no historical knowledge) that it was SC in Europe and PL in North America — thereby exposing my ignorance of many things internet. Now I know that the change is ‘universal’ my curiosity is sated. But the content and the people define the experience more than the name, and I am serious about compacts — having fled from ponderous agglomerations of camera bodies and lenses — so I’m here to stay. A rose by any other name . . .


Jul 14, 2010
The renaming was not anything I was happy with when it was done and I am very fine with changing the name back to Serious Compacts. There are a lot of general photography forums and a lot of about big gear, but there was just one for serious compacts.

And I think this has become relevant again, since mirrorless cameras have become big again due to the trend to fast (and heavy) lenses which are supposed to come as near to full frame equivalents as possible. The new Olympus 1.2/25mm is fast and heavy and still not even equivalent to a cheap 1.8/50mm on full frame. A Canon EOS 6D with a 1.8/50mm is cheaper than the new Olympus E-M1 II with the 1.2/25mm, offers less depth of field and is even lighter. There are a lot of other examples...

S Noel

Oct 5, 2010
Casey County, KY (Liberty)
Stephen Noel
Back in my 35mm days, I tried several different camera styles, brands and sizes. Became a great fan of the Olympus OM series. Especially in the cold North country of Alaska. Tuck an OM1 and a compact lens in a coat pocket, and good to go. Or, put a 80-200mm on, for travel from Kenai to Anchorage and points north. And again, good to go.
Now the OMD-EM5 is the digital version for me. I carry it with the adapted OM 50mm, or the Panasonic 20mm, and good to go!
SC for me.


Super Moderator Emeritus
Sep 28, 2010
Sofia, Bulgaria
Long time since I visited and decided to check in today after getting Amin's email updates about the push notification. So I enter serious compacts and up comes serious compacts! I thought at first I had come across some old archive then I found this thread. Good decision. I could never relate to PL. Weird but true. Looking forward to visiting again more regularly.


Jul 14, 2010
Now the OMD-EM5 is the digital version for me. I carry it with the adapted OM 50mm, or the Panasonic 20mm, and good to go!
E-M5 (the original) with the 20mm and the 45mm for me. Alternatively, I take my Panasonic GM1 with the 14mm and the 20mm. Apart from that, I use adapted macro lenses for shooting macros.

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