Ricoh I need help . . . . Ricoh GR D ??? !!! = $$$


Lately I seem to be clicking straight to this section of this great forum . . . .

To be 100% honest:
- In the past I simply overlooked the Ricoh GR D III/IV line for some odd reason, maybe its US marketing. Ricoh is not "in your face" as other manuf. and less chat on various forums. The more I look into, the more I LOVE the Ricoh GR D platform. Its like a Manufacture actually listens to its end user/audience = weird, but Very WOW !!! Thank you Ricoh. Well, I guess you can call me a newb fanboy of Ricoh. Never thought the company I use to print/copy TPS reports on would be my camera company.

Reason for this post: Fellow addicts, I mean enthusiasts, can only relate. Like a place where you go for those mandatory meetings

I've been trying to set mental reminders to resist the temptation to buy lenses for any ILS setup and get my ___ together to buy a Ricoh GR D IV.

Some things that seem to help:
- Changed my desktop image at work to a tiled Ricoh GR D IV to remind myself. . . .
- Asked a co-worker to remind me every time he sees me roaming eBay for lenses or other misc. crap.
- Posted on a this forum about my odd behavior. Maybe normal to everyone here

Saving some $$$ and sticking with a proven platform or wait and :
* Tempted to buy the Ricoh GR D III, but I like IS/IBIS and the "to be reviewed" AF speed increase sounds tempting. I know for sure I wont be disappointed with the Ricoh GR D III, but Im trying to follow the "Buy Once, Cry Once" saying and hold out for the newest tech. . . . . and I know "Its the Indian not the arrow", something like that

Gosh, I hate waiting for new releases . . .

I think I need to go take some photos at lunch in DTLA to ease my "greed", I mean "needs". :)

Thanks for reading, coffee wearing off. Need a RedBull


If you have money burning a hole in your pocket, go for it. If you need to consider purchases, then I would suggest trying everything out. You could even get an EX1 in europe for a steal now. The s95 and s90 are going for good prices as well, but you get the added benefit of zoom, even if the lens becomes slow. Even being blown out, the GRDIII is a bit expensive.

Try them all out, if you can. If you have an interest in the EX1, I'll clearly explain the advantages and disadvantages, without the fanboyism.


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+1 on the GRD-1 Blue Fairy model recommendation-- I just got one and I love it; sure it has fewer features, but I like the out-of-camera film-like quality of the pics (especially B/W) better than what I have seen from the later models... and the price was so good, for new old stock with warranty, mind, that it did not take too much rationalisation to fit it in the budget.


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I'd have to agree with Avidone and nikki. Now take it with a grain of salt as I was only a GRDII and S95 user, but the GRD was an absolute pleasure to use in comparison to the s95, though their target market is a very different one. And the original GRD is often purported to have it's own unique quality and I have experienced this, albeit briefly, first-hand with the jpegs compared to my GRDII ones (via a loan from a friend). I think the GRD will remain on the classic camera list, up there with the Digilux 2, LX3, DP1, etc. Granted they are superseded by advances in technology, but at heart they retain something lost in the pursuit of the next spate of sales. In the GRDs case, it was the jpegs, in others it was more about what it did to the photographer in the process of getting the shot right for that camera (ironically with some begging the user to slow down and consider...)

My vote would be for the GRD....but maybe I am being enticed by them faeries :blush:


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Don't waver, don't loose the faith, don't listen to the doubters and non believers! Get a GRD 1,2,3 or 4 and you will feel complete at last!


Phew I thought you were going to advise an "and" rather than an "or" - where I bolded. Poor OP would be in quite the quandry then.... :wink:

P.S., that sample of images from your GRDs don't help the OP none Will. Seems "and" is the only real answer....or a GRD1 and GRDIII/IV :wink:

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