Bags I need more bags

I had one of the trooper series. Bigger than I needed at the time so sold if off. I prefer the post (it escapes me what those things are called at the moment) on the bag and strap on the flap instead of how Billingham has it.
So after hemming and hawing for quite some time, I finally chose a new bag for my bike adventures, a small Rhinowalk handlebar bag. It appears it will be just the right size for my new E-P7 with a lens attached and another smallish lens in a pocket, or the X-T3 + XF 27 Mk II. It requires no additional hardware to mount on the handlebar. And it is black.

bike bag.jpg
I have a Domke original F2 bag that is still going strong after 35 years of use. I also use a small Think Tank bag for light, daily use. I used to have many more, but realized I did not need all those bags and sold a lot of them. To store all of my gear, I use an old Pelican 1600 hard-shell case.