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Amen, to what Barrie has written about this thread - thanks to your courage in starting it, Bill. And I want to add my relief in hearing about the Rx connection and the news from your doctor.

I love this portrait of your grandson, as I've already written on Xspot and on Flickr. He's a truly beautiful little boy full of innocence and wonder - it must be wonderful to be able to watch him and play with him. Those blue eyes of his are incredible! I look forward to seeing more photos from you, too!


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Also saw my Neurologist on Friday and got some better news. He thinks I have secondary Parkinsonism meaning my symptoms (weakness, clumsiness, balance issues etc) are caused by the medication I was on for about 3 years (Zyprexa) and not primary PD. Good news is my symptoms should not get any worse and may well get better. Here's hoping.

That is awesome news!

Here's praying that it does indeed get better for you :2thumbs: :2thumbs:

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