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I HAD the Pro. It's lovely and amazing...... and was a big chunk of money tied up. I sold it and regret it a little bit, but the X100 is IQ enough and will keep me from wanting 3 different Fuji lenses that are $500 each. That is part of the allure of the X100 for me (not that it needs more allure). There's nothing else to buy for it. I don't need to add any lenses. And I'm never wondering if I should switch lenses for the next shot. I find that I carry it all the time, and I start to see shots quicker. I guess I work better with restraints.

All worth thinking about. I think it would be my choice if I didnt also have the compacts. For a long time it was always with me but then I started feeling guilty about ignoring the GRD and XZ. And I hear ya about lens decisions. The only thing I might get for the X100 is one of the new tele addon lenses, and the hood which I never got. need a decent case as well, that wont cost an arm and a leg. Horusbennu have a couple of quite nice ones. I'd like the Gariz but eww $$$$

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