I received a deal I couldn't refuse for an Epson Stylus Pro 3880


Somerset, UK
Hello, I got an email from my camera club that someone is selling their Epson Stylus Pro 3880 for 200 £ in excellent condition with a little usage. While I haven't had a lot of success with printing my pictures myself in the past I am willing to give it another try as I always wanted to do Ultra Large Format prints, especially now that I have a very high-resolution camera as well ... and coming from fresh renovation in the house all my walls are empty :p

I haven't fully set it up yet as I got it today, I need to get paper and LLK ink tank as that's the only one empty right now. I may have the opportunity to sell some prints as well, that's what I would love the most to do with my photography, sell prints of my images (though I always struggled with finding a price to put on them).

I am slightly worried about the functionality compatibility of a 2014 printer with Windows 11 (the manual for the printer is quoting Windows Vista, XP, ME and 98 ... that takes me back to the nightmare that was USB devices back then).