I should've done this earlier!

Jan 31, 2011
Newcastle, Australia
is it possible to hook up an external harddisk to an iPad?
No. But its not supposed to be a computer replacement, so theres no real need for that. I only have 16G wifi and for me its enough.

The new MacBookPro with retina display and superthin (and lighter) body looks really nice!!
Not just nice... its brilliant. I was about to start a new thread on this gorgeous bit of kit, and I think I will.


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Dec 6, 2011
Even with my 27" iMac from 2011 (with 6 gigs of RAM), running LR4 on it has been blah at best. I haven't upgraded to 4.1 yet.
Is there really any difference between LR 3 & 4 that makes upgrade worthwhile? All I have heard is it is a computer lagger.


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Nov 12, 2010
For me, having individual R, G and B curves was a real draw but I must say I've hardly used it so far. I might get me some film simulations and see how I like that, I was really fond of those when all I had was the GIMP.
The range of highlight / shadow slider adjustments has apparently been greatly improved, although I still find myself maxing out the highlight reduction slider on a fairly regular basis - I don't know how much less capable LR3 was in this regard since I didn't use its sliders enough when I had the 30-day trial.
I think I was happier with LR3's auto exposure tool than LR4's, but thankfully it's really easy to apply the sliders manually - oh, and the sliders' organisation and differentiation has become more logical

other than that, I'm still only getting to know LR4 so I haven't used anywhere near all of its functions yet, but if you don't really need any of the new functions, LR3 remains an incredibly powerful program...

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