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I have placed a FS/FT post for all my Fuji gear -- as a long shot I mentioned I can entertain trades for Leica SL or Nikon Df. (These two bodies being particular desires for me right now. Won't certainly happen but would be seriously cool if it did.)

This is an early eulogy.

This is pretty painful for me personally. My relationship with Fujifilm has been a rollercoaster of sorts. The first camera that kindled the love of photography in me, was the Fuji X100T. First I had Fuji, then I sold it (having bought Leica Q, competing in the same segment as the X100T). Then I dreamed about going back to Fuji, simplifying things. Then I was able to acquire some, and now I am selling them?! :confused-95:

Within my context of Leica ownership, Fuji falls to the brain side of the "brain/heart" axis of things. The X-T3 is a serious tool of a professional. Especially when I attached the handgrip for it (for sales pictures) it felt like a real powerhouse. "I could do things with this."

Funnily enough, coming from another context people probably see Fuji more towards the heart end of the "brain/heart" axis.

As usual, I feel like I'm not really putting effort into making Fuji work for me. I'm enjoying a few lenses on the body. All of the lenses are great, but a few are clinical in rendering for my taste; why my first step is not to just explore the lens catalogue for another gems that I might like a whole lot more? For example, just trade 35 WR for 35/1.4; trade 50/2 for 60/2.4 and see if they do better for me. And why I didn't even attempt to make the absolute minimum of efforts, get an LM-X adapter and see how Leica sits on Fuji. And moreover, see if X-Pro2 offered the style and class that the X-T3 has, but in smaller amounts.

It's like I'm not willing to risk a small investment to patch the hull of a slowly sinking ship, see if it made her seaworthy again.

Where Leica comes short in particular are the telephoto distances. I could place the tremendous XC 50-230 on my Fuji and have all my landscape needs fulfilled. At the same time, telephoto zooms are a strictly secondary position for me, meaning I am not willing to budget much room or weight carrying those zooms with me.

With that in mind the XC is a large lens after all, considering I already own (never sold) the featherweight (in dimensions, not in performance) Panasonic 35-100 f/4-5.6. The lens is about a third of the Fuji in weight and provably does landscapes to my taste. So with regards to zoom lenses and how I need them, I think I find most joy getting a $50 Panasonic GF2 or something, and have that deal those affairs for me. An X-T3 or even an X-E3 just might be an overkill for a task of being a secondary body.
I've pretty much settled on the Nikon Df and Leica M9 as my "go to" Digital SLR and RF. I just like control over the camera, focus and exposure. Kind of like writing in assembly when using a computer.

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