Micro 4/3 I think the time has come to let go


Jul 15, 2010
My OMD is just sitting in the case, lonely and unused, I think I am almost there, to say goodbye to M4/3. I think I am going sell off all of my remaining M4/3 gear OMD body, grip 75, 12-50, 12 and 7-14.
If the Ricoh GR works out as planned then the M4/3 goes up for sale on Monday.


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Dec 6, 2011
I think you'll really like the GR, it does practically everything. Might need to retrofit a back scratcher :)


Jul 15, 2010
When I reall feel like shooting for myself I seem to grab my XPros all the time, but there are lots of times I just do not want to carry anything more than what I have to. The OMD is a great camera but it suffer from the same problem as my XPro, just to big to keep in the bag all the time and since I prfer the Xpro none of M4/3 ge3ar is getting used at all. Even my beloved X100 felt to bulky for everyday carry, it is now my car camera, only really using it when I go on canyon runs. While I liked the X10 I want something with a bigger chip in a small wide angle lens and body.

Ray Sachs

Sep 21, 2010
Not too far from Philly
you should be able to figure it out...
I hear you Bob. I greatly downsized my m43 lineup a few months ago. I have one OMD (I also had an EPL5 for a while) and three longer lenses - the 75 (amazing!), 45 (will probably sell), and the 75-300 (don't use it a lot, but when I want something LOOOOOONG, it fills the bill). I still have the 12mm (because its just too good) and the 9-18. The 9-18 will probably go when Fuji comes out with their 10-24 or it might regardless - I just don't seem to use super-wide anymore - 14 seems wide enough for me. If I ever sell the 12mm, its a sure sign I've given up the thought of ever getting back into m43, a possibility I haven't completely closed out yet. But its basically a portrait and longer camera, with the 75mm mostly living on the camera.

Of course, I also got rid of most of my Fuji gear too, just keeping an XE1 and the 14mm (to which I might add the 10-24), but that's a different story... The RX1 and Nikon A seem to handle the vast majority of my shooting, with m43 and Fuji filling in the long and wide ends only...



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Aug 15, 2010
Yeah, I sold mine off just this past month, for the last time. I am currently completely m43 free for the first time since 2009. I won't be going back. For a variety of reasons. It's like letting an old friend go. It's a little sad, but it's more nostalgic than enjoyable any more.

You might be shocked at how little the OMDs are moving. There were a lot sold, and a lot on the market. It might move best bundled for a nice price with a nice lens.

I hope the GR works well for you. Have you been posting some GR images?


Jul 8, 2010
I've used M4/3s several times and finally moved on forever last year. Today's APS sensors are simply that much better. The GR is fantastic!
Jun 3, 2012
Melbourne. Australia
Good luck mate.

I've streamlined my m43 kit quite a bit but certainly not left it. What I sold off has been more than replaced by a GR and an RX1.

My remaining m43 stuff is still incredibly useful and offers things I can't get elsewhere in another compact system and as such, m43 still plays an important role in my overall kit.


Jul 20, 2012
Montgomery, AL
I gave most of my Nikon DX cameras and lenses to my niece when she started college. My arthritic hands could no longer hold such gear for very long without pain. She is very happy as am I. I acquired an Olympus XZ-1 to handle my photography needs but I missed the ultra wide and moderate telephoto on the XZ-1. It was a great point and shoot but I missed the options mentioned in the previous sentence. I finally tried out the OM-D and though heavier than a point and shoot, it can do everything I used the DX for and I am now a happy camper.
I wish you the best of luck in finding the system that is right for you!


Aug 30, 2010
Looks like I may ending up never having used m43 at all! Was always waiting for the OMD to come along but was strapped for cash when it did. Then I got a really good deal on the GXR M mount and it has taken over my imaging life. If I could afford the OMD I would now use the funds on the GR instead.


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Aug 15, 2010
Looks like I may ending up never having used m43 at all! Was always waiting for the OMD to come along but was strapped for cash when it did. Then I got a really good deal on the GXR M mount and it has taken over my imaging life. If I could afford the OMD I would now use the funds on the GR instead.
What lenses are you using with your GXR?


Feb 13, 2013
Cleveland, Ohio
I really don't use my, albeit modest, m43 kit at all. Unfortunately, its not worth selling as all I have is an E-PL1, 14-42mm/40-150mm and VF-2, among some adapters for legacy glass that I have. For what I'd get for the kit, assuming I'd be able to sell it at all, I may as well just keep it.


Oct 27, 2010
I'm shooting against the tide on this one. I've just bought an OMD. I thought about the Fuji XE1 but on the limited opportunities I've had to hold one in my hand I just didn't feel the vibe. The XPro1 is just too big. I've always liked the size and form of the pen series. Whenever I go anywhere it's the must have to pack. The way I process my photographs the sensor more than enough meets my needs.

I should say it was the weather sealing that encouraged me to buy the OMD. I'm not sure if you are aware but it is known to rain in Scotland ... a lot!


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Jun 8, 2011
I have been sorely tempted to go that route, too, but the current market prices have dropped so low that it's not worth it for me. And it's not like I don't like the images the Pens pump out -- I still love that Panny 20 and Oly 45. So I'm probably sticking with it, and just upgrade to that latest Olympus sensor.

Good luck to you!

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