Ricoh I was seduced by the color red


Cotswolds, UK
Nice and looks good but for me a little too obvious and will attract unwanted attention when doing street work. I understand that Gariz produces a set with a stunning leather half case, wrist strap and this red ring!!

I am still pondering over the black half case but they are not cheap!


Now all you need is the red shutter button.



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I too was seduced by the red ring and strap. Luckily, I found it in-stock at Adorama last week (after taking delivery of my GR here in Canada). I placed my order and received ... a red strap and NO RING! :mad:

What's worse, is that this is now discontinued:

Ricoh Red Lens Ring and Red Leather Strap for GR Digital Compact Camera

I have, obviously, put in a complaint to Adorama, but I feel like that's an awful small part to locate in a large warehouse, and that's assuming they didn't straight-up lose it/send it to someone else/whatever.

To add insult to injury, the sigma BP-41 I ordered as well was very clearly used. :(