I wonder if I can shoot that bird (nah....it's too far)

Nov 11, 2011
Milwaukee, WI USA
Luckily the UPS man showed up right before I was going to walk the dogs. So I put the battery in and grabbed a memory card and headed out to see what I could shoot on a miserable overcast day (the rains had just finished).

So I looked across the street and wondered if I could shoot the bird I saw at the top of the tree that was maybe 50 yards away. Seemed pretty unlikely. Here's the view from the wide end of the zoom at24mm equiv. (I don't even think you can see the bird in this shot, but it is in the tallest tree in the middle of the frame (and please pardon my wonky horizon.....it's not meant to be a good photo...just to show the distance).
DSCF7008 by Luke Lavin, on Flickr

And here's the view at 1000mm equiv......
DSCF7007 by Luke Lavin, on Flickr

it's not exposed properly to tell what kind of bird it is. Maybe if I tweak it a bit and crop in a bit more I can tell for sure.
DSCF7007crop by Luke Lavin, on Flickr

Yup..... it's the American Robin (Turdus migratorius). It must mean that spring has arrived in Wisconsin.


Sep 26, 2011
Minnesota USA
Kyle Krug
We had a few snow flurries yesterday and the day before. I think I need to start migrating with those robins (and maybe push back the return timing).

Holy cow, 1000mm? Have fun!
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Jock Elliott

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Jan 3, 2012
Troy, NY
whoops... I forgot the vital stats. It's a Fuji HS50EXR. I'm trying to live without an interchangeable lens camera to keep my LBA at bay.

Luke, feel the force within you . . . the power of the 1000mm lens.

A warning: superzooms are addictive; there is no treatment and no 12-step program. My feeling is that wanting to be cured of superzoom addiction is like wanting to be cured of chocolate ice cream -- I just don't see the need.

Congrats on the new camera; it looks like a winner.

Cheers, Jock
Nov 11, 2011
Milwaukee, WI USA
I knew there was an estate sale just down the street today, but I didn't know what time it was going to open. I didn't feel like walking down there and waiting around so I grabbed the Fuji to see if I could read the sign. Here's the view out our bedroom window....
DSCF7020 by Luke Lavin, on Flickr

There's a sign in the yard with the maroon minivan. Obviously not a quality shot through a double paned window and screen, but at least I know it doesn't start until 9 o'clock. Hopefully they bought some cool records in the 60s.
DSCF7021 by Luke Lavin, on Flickr


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Aug 25, 2010
S W France
Boy that grass looks great - are they selling that as part of the Estate?

ours is just a meadow

They are advertising it well ahead - 5th August to 5th Oct - they must have a lot of stuff if they need two months!!!!!!

but I suppose it is only two days each week
Nov 11, 2011
Milwaukee, WI USA
Oh you Europeans and your wacky date formats. :p

The lawn does look nice, but I'd prefer a meadow. The estate sale was a total bust. They had a nice console stereo that worked, but I don't need another. And they only had 6 records total. They had a little Olympus infinity 35mm camera in a carrying case pretty cheap, but I resisted.
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